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a usually mild-mannered client tells her therapist about a disturbing dream that she had about spray painting her boss's office and filling it with jell-o. the therapist conceptualizes this dream relative to the client's assumed unconscious desires to be aggressive. this therapist's views are most consistent with which model/theory of dreams?


A typically composed client shared with her therapist a troubling dream in which she vandalized her boss's office with spray paint. The therapist's stance on this matter aligns closely with Freud's psychoanalytic/psychodynamic theory of dreaming. Scientists and sleep experts are working to identify the root causes of dreams and their true meanings. According to experts, dreams involving authority figures are often linked to mental distress caused by stress or recent traumatic events. Freud believed that human behavior was shaped by subconscious processes and social dynamics, rather than conscious awareness and past experiences. The psychodynamic theory suggests that external forces can influence a person's actions beyond their awareness. While Freud's beliefs were specifically psychoanalytical, the broader term of 'psychodynamic' encompasses both welcome and diverse theories. For additional information on psychodynamic theory, please refer to: brainly.com/question/25057119 #SPJ4