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-3x+2y=-3 4x-y=-1 what is the answer


The value of X is equal to negative nine tenths and the value of Y is equal to negative two and three fifths. Step-by-step explanation: To eliminate X, we will multiply equation one by four and equation two by three. This will result in -12x+8y=-12 for equation one and 12x-3y=-1 for equation two. After adding equation one and two, we can simplify and arrive at 5y=-13. Dividing both sides by 5 yields y=-13/5 which can be expressed as an improper fraction of -2 3/5. Now, we can substitute y=-2 3/5 into one of the original equations to solve for x. Using equation two, we get: 4x-(-2 3/5)=-1 4x+2 3/5=-1 By finding the lowest common multiple of 5, we can simplify further. This results in: 4x=-5-13/5 4x=-18/5 To solve for x, we will crossmultiply by 5 and divide both sides by 20. This gives us: x=-18/20 Simplifying further, we can cancel and arrive at the final answer of x=-9/10.