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1. which practice protects the nurse from infection when changing the dressing on an infected pressure injury?


As a nurse, it is crucial to use aseptic technique when changing the dressing on an infected pressure injury to protect oneself from infection. But what exactly is aseptic technique? Well, evidence-based recommendations suggest that it is a technique used to prevent contamination with microorganisms whenever a central venous catheter is being placed or cared for. Even when applying or changing bandages on a wound, an aseptic approach should be taken to prevent the spread of infection. This is especially important even if the wound is already infected, as it is vital not to further worsen the situation. The ultimate goal of medical aseptic technique is to prevent pathogen infection altogether. That's why during invasive procedures like surgeries or catheterizations, a sterile method is used to try and eliminate any bacteria, whether they are harmful or not. So, make sure to always use aseptic technique to avoid germ contamination when inserting or caring for central venous catheters. For more information on aseptic technique, check out brainly.com/question/4318012 #SPJ4.