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Which statement compares the two numbers correctly? 52.311 ________ 52.31 52.311 > 52.31 52.311 < 52.31 52.311 = 52.31 52.31 > 52.331


Alright class, let's take a look at this comparison between two numbers. The correct statement that accurately compares these numbers is 52.311 is greater than 52.31. Now, what do we know about these numbers? Well, they have the same values in the tens, units, and tenths place, as well as the hundredths place. However, they differ in their thousandths place. One number has a value of 1 in the thousandths place, while the other has a value of 0. It's important to note that the number with the thousandths place value of 1 is the greater of the two. If you'd like to learn more about decimals, feel free to check out the link provided: brainly.com/question/15287678 #SPJ1