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Bobbi wants to buy a bandana that costs 3.75$ But she has only 7.75$ in her budget what is her budget deficit


"The budget deficit refers to the difference between the amount of money allocated for a purchase and the actual cost of the item. In this case, Bobbi's budget deficit is calculated as $3.75 - $0.75 = $3.00, confirming that option (B) is the correct answer. Subtraction in mathematics involves the act of taking away a quantity from a group or number. Thus, in this question, we subtract the cost of the bandana from Bobbi's budget. For more information about subtraction, please see brainly.com/question/1927340 #SPJ1. The original question presented was incorrect. The revised question is: 'Bobbi wants to buy a bandanna that costs $3.75, but she only has $0.75 in her budget. What is her budget deficit?' The options for the correct answer are A. $0.20 B. $3.00 C. $5.00 D. $4.50."