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Which of these received aid from the Lend-Lease act?A.)spainB.)polandC.)italyD.)china


According to State Department records, China received aid from the Lend-Lease Act but it appears that they have not repaid this debt. The act was passed on March 11, 1941 and established a system that allowed the United States to lend or rent military materials to countries deemed necessary for America's defense. Initially created to assist Great Britain, the program was later expanded to include China and the Soviet Union. By the end of the war, the United States had provided over $49 billion in Lend-Lease aid to nearly 40 countries. The House of Representatives approved the Lend-Lease Act (H.R. 1776) on this date, giving the President the authority to sell, rent, or lend military hardware to any country deemed essential to American national security. However, according to State Department records, it appears that China has not repaid this debt, and the establishment of the People's Republic of China in 1949 marked the end of decades of political, military, and economic cooperation. Therefore, option D is the correct answer. For more information on Lend-Lease, please see the link provided: brainly.com/question/30186248 #SPJ4.