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A rectangular birthday present, 3 in. by 7 in. by 8 in., is covered by wrapping paper. How much wrapping paper is required? a. 146 sq. in. b. 101 sq. in. c. 202 sq. in. d. 168 sq. in.


Okay, students, let's find out how much wrapping paper we need for this rectangular cuboid. The required surface area is about 202 square inches. To calculate the total surface area, we'll be using this formula: SA = 2(lw + lh + hw). In this equation, l stands for length, h for height, and w for width. The given values are: Length (l) = 3 inches, Width (w) = 7 inches, and Height (h) = 8 inches. Now, let's substitute these values into the formula to find the surface area. So, SA = 2((3*7) + (3*8) + (8*7)). This gives us SA = 2(21 + 24 + 56), which simplifies to SA = 2(101). Therefore, the surface area of the rectangular cuboid is 202 square inches. For more information about finding the surface area of a rectangular cuboid, you can check out brainly.com/question/20919556. #SPJ1