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amz inc., a company that deals with bikes, has its own manufacturing unit. the equipment used in the manufacturing unit of the company is an example of a group of answer choices short-term asset. floating-rate bond. fixed asset. current asset. junk bond.


As a bike retailer, it is important to note that Amz Inc. has a specific production facility that houses the equipment utilized by the production branch of the business. This facility serves as a fixed asset for the company. In economics, fixed assets are defined as assets that cannot be easily converted into cash. They include property, plants, technology and other long-term assets. In contrast, current assets are liquid assets like cash and bank accounts. Examples of fixed assets include land, machinery, vehicles, furniture, electronic items, structures and other pieces of equipment. It should be noted that fixed assets vary depending on an organization's operations. To gain more insight on the concept of fixed assets, visit brainly.com/question/24083422 #SPJ4.