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Please help due in 30 min ill give brainly sorry for asking so many questions Review Directions: Follow the instructions in each problem set below to complete the activity. Part A: First, identify the subject, then choose the correct form of the verb. 1. Down that dark path (sit, sits) the haunted house. 2. Here (is, are) the book you wanted to read. 3. Untouched (was, were) the tranquil garden. 4. From the bank the thief (steal, steals) the money. 5. From the bowl (eat, eats) three cats. 6. There (was, were) a big fire here last year. 7. Where (is, are) my favorite hat? 8. There (stand, stands) the president of the United States. 9. What (do, does) you do for a living? 10. Attached (is, are) a copy of the file. Part B: Invert the following regular sentences. 1. The stolen merchandise is here! 2. His letter is included in the email. 3. The young Jedi is very wise. Part C: Now write two of your own sentences – Write the natural order and inverted order for both sentences. You will have four sentences in total. 1. 2. 3. 4.


Part A: "Down that ominous path looms the eerie mansion. This is the literature you desired to peruse. Serene was the undisturbed garden. The thief absconds with the money from the bank. The cat devours the food from the bowl. A massive conflagration ravaged this area last year. Where has my favorite hat disappeared to? The president of the United States stands there. What occupation do you pursue? Enclosed, you will find a replica of the document." Part B: "Behold the purloined goods! Contained within the electronic message is his written correspondence. The young Jedi is exceedingly sagacious." Part C: "In its natural order: She invariably wakes up early in the morning. In an inverted order: Up early in the morning wakes she always. In its natural order: The cat adores slumbering on the couch. In an inverted order: On the couch likes to sleep the cat. (Please take note that the subject of this sentence is "We.") In its natural order: We will rendezvous with you at the restaurant at 7 pm. In an inverted order: At 7 pm at the restaurant you will meet us. (Please take note that the subject of this sentence is "He.") In its natural order: He is currently cooking supper in the kitchen. In an inverted order: In the kitchen right now is cooking dinner he. For further enlightenment regarding verbs, kindly consult brainly.com/question/1718605 #SPJ1."