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How does a maryland broker’s license renewal differ from a salesperson’s license renewal?


The process for renewing a Maryland broker's license varies from that of a salesperson's license renewal. Brokers are required to complete three hours of broker supervision coursework and only 1.5 hours of electives, whereas salespersons must complete 4.5 hours of electives. A salesperson, also referred to as an income representative, is an individual whose role involves promoting and selling products or services, either in-store or via phone. Salespeople can be classified into three distinct categories: The Commodity Salesperson, The Price Salesperson, and The Solution Value Salesperson. Essentially, a salesperson is someone who sells goods or services, such as an automobile salesperson or saleswoman, who is employed to sell and market products or services. Find more information about salespeople here: brainly.com/question/25743891 #SPJ1