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an object is to the left of a thin lens. the lens forms an image on a screen that is 2.70 mm to the right of the object. the height of the image is 2.60 times the height of the object. part a is the image upright or inverted? is the image upright or inverted? the image is inverte


It is clear that the image formed on the screen is both inverted and real, as instructed in the question. To distinguish whether an image is real and inverted or not, we need to observe the rays converging to create a true image. Conversely, if the image is virtual, it will always be positioned above the principal axis and will always be erect. However, a real image will always be located below the principal axis and inverted. If an image can be seen on a screen, then it is a real image. On the other hand, a virtual image appears to emerge from behind the lens. If an object is placed between one and two focal lengths from the lens, then the image created will be magnified, inverted, and real. For more information on inverted images, please visit brainly.com/question/11870211 #SPJ1.