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Find a thesis statement for this topic "relationship between the end of Things Fall Apart and Postcolonialism".


A possible thesis statement for this topic is that the conclusion of "Things Fall Apart" emphasizes the erosion and disappearance of cultural traditions during the post-colonial era. As a teacher, I would explain that a thesis statement is a viewpoint, and an argument that is based on an analysis of certain aspects. At the end of the novel, Okonkwo becomes irrelevant in his village as his behavior and appearance, which were once accepted as cultural norms, are rejected due to the introduction of European culture. This serves as evidence to show how native cultures were transformed during the colonial period, ultimately resulting in their disappearance or the creation of a new, hybrid culture, that is fragmented and impure in the post-colonial era. If you want to learn more about "Things Fall Apart," please visit: brainly.com/question/3521278 #SPJ1